Sempack Packaging Innovation

Sempack Packaging is based on the pastry bag concept and can contain all kind of products through an original and ergonomic packaging. The packaging is a flexible conical pouch composed of a multilayer film, and able to stand top up or top down.

The new alternative

Gathers the best features of existing packaging on the market.

Sempack is an original alternative to current packaging because no major changes are needed on the production lines. The product could be declined as monodose.

  • Ease and comfort of use
  • Better stability
  • Convenience and efficiency
  • Accuracy and control of the desired dose
  • Ergonomic and strong resistance to pressure
Sempack Packaging

A fully customizable product, adaptable to any request.

Many applications

Food & Beverages




Construction material

Intelligent life cycle

Easy to fold, occupies small space in the trash

Minimization of weight and raw material

Optimum restitution, minimizes products waste

Use of vegetal, renewable, biodegradable materials

Fully recyclable

The eco-friendly way

An innovative solution
to the plastic pollution’s question
around the world..

Volume reduction when contenant is empty > 83%
Packaging recyclable > 100%
Rate of content restituted > 96%
Example of awards and exhibitions